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Feeling good.

Hey. I haven’t been here for a while.
I think about this what happened and i think it’s a good choise. Not to visit this blog so often.
I think about every one of you everyday. About you, your struggles and future. I miss you all but i think i need to get away front his dark side of me.
I feel better, the only thing that makes me feel bad it’s my body and family. But i control myself. I don’t get depressive thoughts, i stopped cutting. I have a amazing boyfriend, friends and i think i want to find myself again.
I’m trying to remember about my past self, lost, sad and self hated.it teached me a lot, i think i understand myself, people and i try to appreciate little things in my life.
I want to be happy, even when i think i don’t deserve it. Couse everyone does,a nd everyone needs to remeber about it. There’s always a hope, even when you don’t see this. I try to remember that everyone is always more beautiful amazing smart than he sees himself.
I think i won’t be here often in future, but i won’t forget about this. Never. I will never forget my lack of hope, friends, love and feelings. The scars won’t fade quickly, and i have to live with them. They will be on my body and my heart forever.
But i believe in myself and in YOU so please, don’t give up.
I know that it’s hard, i’m not a hipocrite(i hope so)…i survived hell and now i know what i can survive and what i can’t.
I BELIEVE IN YOU, i love your and i think about you. Remember that you can always write to me (trying-to-breath-again) and i will do my best to help or just talk.
I love you, and i hope you won’t give up.

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